Trojan (650646) Uvmax G Plus 120V Uv System 19 Gpm; Combo 1?" Npt, 1" Mnpt

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The TrojanUVMax? measurement of overall performance is worked on as a result of the capability of the lamp to offer a continuous, responsible dose. Clients is now able to really feel at ease the treatment of ice cold waters and warm water recirculation lines, in a great cellar or perhaps a warm pump house.? Utilizing an amalgam based lamp the device has a lot more intensity in a much more compact footprint. These lamps have a 2 year lamp life. A?CoolTouch?fan is provided in every single program with the purpose to substantially bring down the water heat range in the reactor at times of minimal or perhaps no flow. The program controller is furnished with a graphical user interface. An even more efficient reading of the UV intensity of the lamp is offered by a recently constructed UV sensor. Flow Rate (eighty five % UVT eol) VIQUA Standard (30mJ/cm?) 72.0 lpm (19.0 gpm) (4.3 m?/Hr) NSF/EPA (40mJ/cm?) 57.0 lpm (15.1 gpm) (3.4 m?/Hr) Dimensions Length 54.0 cm (21.3 ") Diameter 10.0 cm (3.9 ") Controller thirty three x 16.5 cm (13" x 6.5") Inlet/Outlet Port Size Combo 1?" NPT, 1" MNPT Electrical Volts 120 240V 50 60Hz Max. latest 1.2 Amp Power Consumption 120 W Lamp Power hundred W Operating Parameters Maximum Operating Pressure hundred PSI (689 kPa) Minimum Operating Pressure ten PSI? (sixty nine kPa) Ambient Temperature 0 40?C (32 104?F) Maximum humidity hundred % Maximum hardness 120 ppm (seven grains a gallon) Maximum iron 0.3 ppm Minimum UVT seventy five % Reactor Chamber Material 316L S.S. UV Lamp Life two years Colour coded plug and also play contacts Yes UV intensity lcd screen with analytic evaluation Yes CoolTouch blowing Yes Sensor with analytic evaluation Optional Solenoid Valve Optional Controls Audible home security system mute key Yes New lamp button Yes Lamp grow old warning sign Yes Lamp process warning sign Yes Ballast process indicator Yes Solenoid process indicator Yes Fan process indicator Yes Sensor looking at indication Yes Installation Vertical

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