Dr. Jill's Callus Pad J-17, Pack Of 100, 1 3/4 X 1 5/8", Felt, 1/4"

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The way in which THESE GEL PADS PROVIDE COMFORT: unpleasant callus is surrounded by u-shaped part and also brings down soreness by transferring strain away from the callus towards the padded cushion Creates a barrier between shoes and skin that will help decrease discomfort POSSIBLE USES: Calluses Dropped metatarsal mind ache Tender Bony Prominences Metatarsalgia IPK's (seed calluses) DIRECTIONS: Apply to dry and clean feet. Carefully sort pad from cardboard backing and apply by placement padded cushion thus the U Shaped opening is perfectly located On the callus or perhaps tender spot Remove cushion a minimum of three to four hours each day to permit the epidermis to breathe WARNING: Don't insert merchandise on a wide open wound. In case irritation, discomfort or perhaps in some issue success from the usage of the item, Discontinue use as well as notify the Podiatrist of yours or some other Medical Doctor right away. Continue to keep out of reach of domestic pets along with kids. We highly suggest the physician of yours is advised by you just before making use of the pad as inappropriate placing of the pad is able to cause various other injures

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