Photon Micro-Light I Led Keychain Flashlight, Black Body W/ Covert , Red

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Elegant in the simplicity of its, the squeeze only Photon I is 1 of our most well-known LED flashlights. Genuinely micro, the patented Photon Micro-Light practically hides underneath a US quarter and weighs about the identical (a simple 6.2 grams). In full water resistant, The Photon I is supported by a lifetime guarantee and is also created to deliver several years of trouble free use. Durability, superior engineering, and the versatility have developed the "brightest-for-its-size" Photon Micro Light an extremely demanded add-on for police forces, NASA shuttle crews, along with Secret Service personnel. Choose from three various body styles/colors and as much as five distinct LED beam sizes. Immediate outstanding light anytime and anywhere you want it. The extremely bright LED technology produces a tremendously dazzling beam, noticeable with a mile away and allowed to provide light for some direction. The lasting, replaceable lithium battery is invariably primed even when it's at subzero temperatures. Covert variant offered. The covert product includes a long cover in the LED to eliminate glare and provide a lot more discreet use. Great for anything from army special ops to looking through a system in a darkened theater without annoying the neighborhood friends of yours. Simple squeeze key - Momentary squeeze key, squeeze on or release off Brightest LEDs on the market -- Plenty of light to provide light for some direction, and to light a complete room in the house. White colored LED conservatively regarded at 4.5 Lumens*, even thought real output is fairly higher. Waterproof -- waterporoof to IPX 7 requirements. Weighs basically 6.2 grams -- micro size & weight to go together with you just about everywhere you go. eighteen Hour Run Time -- Energizer lithium batteries supply very long lasting system even when it's in sub zero temps. Replaceable Batteries -- Quick, simple battery replacement. Ultra-Tough -- Intended to live through severe use! The blend of Photon's special glass filled polyurethane framework & unbreakable LED light bulb make for a practically indestructible light. Accessories Available (sold separately) -- Photon Micro Light I works with: Photon Necklace clip Photon Picatinny Gun Rail Mount Produced in USA -- Hand built found Blachly, Oregon. Made from US & international sections. Guaranteed -- Photon Lifetime Guarantee *LRI hasn't performed any recognized ANSI tests for lumen production, however in our somewhat unscientific tests in a dark area, the output is just like competitor's lamps promoted in the 10 14 lumen range. // Micro Light Feature Comparison (Click to expand)

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